In the dance community from studio, to commercial, to crews to schools many dancers and dance educators don't have a clue that Hip Hop Dance and other "street dance" styles have history, foundations and techniques. 

Hip Hop Dance is often defined as "Music Video" style dance or "Pop 'n'Lock" etc. Routines at studio level often turn out to be street jazz or a combination of twerking and sensual movements from rap music videos. On the flip side in the commercial industry many classes are called "hip hop" but lack the foundational groove, rock and bounce that is hip hop dance.

Now perhaps it is because unlike Ballet, Tap and Jazz hip hop dance has no exams or syllabus (yet) and the knowledge is passed down from generation to generation to those that seek the guidance and mentorship of the OG's (originals). It can be difficult to define what hip hop dance is with so many variations and inaccurate representations. 

Camp organizer Jade Jager Clark, Owner and Artistic Director of Jade's Hip Hop Academy wants to change this and is bringing her teachers to you in a camp open to every aspect of the dance community.

If you love, perform, teach and/or admire Hip Hop Dance and street dance this is an opportunity to be taught by creators, pioneers and leading dancers of Hip Hop, Popping, House, Lite Feet and Locking. It is an opportunity to dance and teach authentically and truthfully to the styles and how they are intended to be and be guided through variations that you may see around the world.

Combined our Faculty has an extraordinary resume ,they've taught, choreographed and danced for Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake +so many more, have choreographed for biggest TV and  award shows,  

have taught around the world and have won the most prestigious dance battles around the world including Summer Dance Forever and Juste Debout.

Without them and the legacies they have established and continue to establish we would not be enjoying hip hop and street dance the way it is today.


STUDIOS if you're looking to provide your students and teachers with "real hip hop" foundations and techniques to take back for your studio curriculum and into your routines, don't miss this opportunity.

TEACHERS Regardless of experience, there is so much still to be learned, it's a chance to learn new and brush up on old skills with specialized classes created just for teachers.

PARENTS Can get in on the fun and educational experience with special classes for Parents.

YOUTH/ADULT levels provided.

CREWS If you have trained with them before - you know it is not every day that they are in Canada. If you have never have taken a class, take advantage of the opportunity.