My Dancer is and Experienced Competitive Dancer - which level should they take?


Unlike Jazz, Ballet and Lyrical who share several similarities and foundations - different street dance styles require your body to move in completely different ways. If your dancer is an experienced competitive dancer, maybe has done studio hip hop for a couple of years but has never taken a Locking Class before we do recommend the apprentice program. They can take intermediate and advanced, we anticipate they will keep up just fine but we fear that may end up mimicking technique instead of having the chance to develop a solid grasp of the foundations to take forward with them and build on for the future. Also remember that taking class from an original creator or pioneer is far different then having a class with a hip hop or urban dance teacher at a convention.

Can Youth Dancers switch Levels during the Camp?


Our goal is for every dancer to be comfortable and get the most out of the camp experience. If within the first 45min (no later) of the youth class dancers either feel it is not challenging enough or too challenging they may switch. Please come to the registration table in this occurrence so we can make the necessary adjustments to your wristband. 

What should dancers wear?


Dancers should wear comfortable clothing - street wear or athletic wear (T-shirts, hoodies, sweats, leggings, jeggings, track suits etc.) with sneakers (no jazz shoes or bare feet). Jeans are also not recommended. 


What is an All Styles Battle? What's the Format?


A battle consist of dancers competing against each other through freestyle to whatever music our DJ chooses to play. All Styles means that during their round dancers can use any hip hop or street dance style that they either specialize in OR feel adequately accompanies the music. Our battle format is one versus one, each dancer receives 30 seconds in the pre-lim selection round, 30 seconds each round after that (they will go two rounds at 45seconds in the finals) and judges decide based on musicality, execution and creativity (and any additional criteria which they will announce prior to the battle beginning) which dancer wins and moves on to the next round. 


Can Pictures or Video be taken during class?


Short Videos for instagram, twitter, facebook stories or snapchat are allowed 9 to 14 seconds... Tag us @streetdancecanada #sdccamp19. Going LIVE and live streaming the classes is prohibited. Photos must be done without flash in a no distracting ways to dancers and teachers. We have our professional photographers and videographers on hand who will be taking photos throughout the day which we will later post to social media and our website. Parents with spectator passes must remain in the observation area and not walk around the room to take photos or videos. For teacher Classes video permissions are different and our faculty will indicate good times to film.

What if I can't make all the classes in the 5 Class Package?


Substitutions can be allowed but will be arranged on a case by bases. Please e-mail streetdancecanada@gmail.com with the details of your schedule conflicts.