Buddha Stretch - HIP HOP


At just 23 years old Emilio Austin Jr. aka Buddha Stretch choreographed the legendary iconic Music Video REMEMBER THE TIME for Michael Jackson. He became known as the first Choreographer of Hip Hop Dance and coined the term "Hip Hop Dance". Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and inspired by the Lockers, the Electric Boogaloos and his Father Emilio Austin Sr. he was the first to teach Hip Hop at a main stream dance studio - New York's Broadway Dance Center. He has choreographed four Mariah Carey's world tours including Dream Lover (1993) Fantasy (1996) Butterfly (1998) Rainbow (2000). He was nominated for MTV Music Awards Best Choreography: Will Smith - Getting Jiggy With it, Men in Black and Miami. Stretch continues to teach around the world and has together with fellow hip hop and street dance pioneers has founded  the legendary dance crews Elite Force and Mop Top.

CREDITS INCLUDE: Michael Jackson, Whitney Houstan, Diana Ross, Will Smith, Mariah Carey,  Boyz II Men, Salt n'Peppa, Rosie Perez, Wyclef Jean, Rah Digga, Doug E. Fresh, Eric B and Rakim, Jermaine Dupree, DaBrat, Boyz Choir of Harlem, Lil Kim, Faith Evans, Coco Lee, Heavy D & The Boyz, In Living Colour, Showtime at the Apollo, Good morning America, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, American Music Awards, Essence Awards, VH1 Fashion Awards, VH1 Diva's Live featuring Aretha Franklin, Soul Train, Soul Train 25th Anniversary (Opening Number)



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POPIN PETE - Popping


Popin' Pete's older brother "Boogaloo" Sam Solomon created the popping and boogaloo styles of dance around the years of 1975-1976. The true innovators of the these styles, THE ELECTRIC BOOGALOOS. Popin' Pete is a second generation member of THE ELECTRIC BOOGALOOS, joining the group in 1978. Pete started to learn the poping style from his older brother same who he would always watch dance. Together they appeared on the popular USA television shows The Midnight Special, Kicks and Soul Train. From there Pete travelled around the world teaching and performing, helping spread popping and boogaloo knowledge with other EB members. Appearing in the iconic film BREAKIN', working with Michael and Janet Jackson and choreographing for several major award shows, music videos, artists, tours and appearing in commercials. 

CREDITS INLCUDE: Grammy Awards, Billboard Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, So You Think You Can Dance,  McDonalds, Pepsi, GAP, 7up, Levi's, Sketchers, Michael Jackson - Beat It, Chris Brown -Yeah x 3 - The Black Eyed Pea's - My Humps, Choreographer Live Shows for  Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, & Mya 


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Caleaf aka Big Leaf, a Brooklynn native, is a House dance Pioneer. Caleaf began developing his craft an early age. His passion for dance and love for music has kept him in the business for over 20 years. Caleaf is one of the original pioneers to come out of New York's dance movement in the late 80's and is a member of the famed Mop Top Crew along with Buddha Stretch and House dance crew Dance Fusion NYC. Caleaf tours the world teaching house dance teaching foundation, technique and history for an originator point of  view. He is committed to keeping the culture alive for future generations for dancers.

CREDITS INCLUDE: Mariah Carey, Pet Shop Boys, Public Enemy, Doug E. Fresh, Will Smith, Diana Ross, Arsenio Hall Show, BET Live Sounds Stage, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, World Tour Choreographer for Cece Peniston and Crystal Waters, Tommy Hillfiger, Karl Kani, 555Soul and House dance battle champion Summer Dance Forever and Juste Debout


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Omar “FireLock” Thomas, also known as “The Flying Prince of Lock”, has been lighting up streets and stages for over 13 years. Known for his explosive style and animated character, this dynamic dancer has the reputation to soar through space and electrify crowds across the world. Born and raised in New York City, NY (USA), Firelock began has journey b-boying in 2000 with the Vanderbilt Breakers. In 2003, Firelock truly found his heart and calling in the art form of Lockin’. He began training under the pioneer Locker, Shock-a-Lock, and became a member of his company - Lockism. Firelock quickly gained global recognition in the dance community by winning numerous, highly coveted Lockin’ championship titles. His recent travels include Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Sweden, Canada, Beijing, Czech Republic Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, and Singapore. Inspired by his own greatest mentors - Shock-a-Lock and Don Campbell (creator of Lockin’), Firelock hopes to encourage future generations to find and free themselves through dance. He believes that we all have incredible originality and creativity within, and hopes to empower all people to accept and appreciate their unique expression and voice. Firelock now continuously travels the world as an international judge, teacher, performer, and competitor.

Credits Include: 2011 Juste Debout 2vs2 Lockin’ World Champion, 3-time Hip Hop International Lockin’ Champion (2009, 2010, & 2013), the Don Campbellock Award (2009, 2010), Beijing’s 2012 Keep On Dancin’ World Crew Battle Champion, and Japan’s 2-time World Dance Colosseum 2vs2 Champion (2011 & 2013). 1st Place "Make Your Choice" 2014 5 v5 Battle France, 1st Place "Let the music move you Vol 5." 2014  2 v2 all styles Battle Los Angeles, 1st Place "WDC" 2vs2 Battle Tokyo Japan 2015, Workshop Faculty Japan Street Dance Camp 2014-2018



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MR. YOUTUBE - Lite Feet

 Mr YouTube is a creator of the Lite Feet dance style, the newest street dance style to develop and establish it's own legacy. He has worked with prestigious artist such as Chris Brown, Sean “Puffy” Combs & Canadian legendary choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson. Most known for his high energy, eye popping Freestyle Dance Moves, he is now traveling the world teaching & spreading the Lite Feet Dance culture along with his new dance the “Swiss Bop”. Be among the first to learn and hone your skills in this new style!



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